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Purpose, Vision, Goals
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Nanette Gingery

I believe that every individual has a unique and divine purpose. Defining this purpose and taking action daily to fulfill this purpose creates a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

I am an entrepreneur and an owner of several successful businesses. I hold a graduate degree in Psychology. When I met John Maxwell, it was clear that my life as a business owner, therapist and coach had prepared me to take the Next Step in my journey toward leadership and growth.

I am also a wife and mother. Coaching has allowed me to grow in my profession and my personal life, as I move toward creating balance and fulfillment. My decision making and energy, flow from a space of clarity, focus, ease and grace. Coaching has increased my awareness regarding the potential I have within and the divine abundance I am able to tap into. Creating and experiencing, first hand, the power of coaching in my life continues to fuel my passion for contributing to others. I share this because these are the things coaching can do for you.

My goal is to help you discover the power of coaching, both in your professional and personal life. My strengths lie in adding value to you and/or your organization by cultivating leaders and professionals, and partnering with you to achieve your goals and desires. Coaching brings out the best in all of us.

Take action and tap into your full potential today. You have everything within you. Let me help you discover your personal power and take you and/or your organization to the next level. You have one life. Live it fully! Live it purposefully! Ask yourself- What would it be like to open myself up to the abundance of possibility in my life?

Contact me. I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to growing as a leader and a vital contributor to the lives of others.